Friday, August 24, 2012

Wildflour Vegan Bakery Review

{Vianne} Recently we visited the Wildflour Vegan Bakery and Juice Bar located at 727 East Ave Pawtucket, RI. We found it to be clean, modern, and professional. While eating indoors or on their outdoor patio you can enjoy the sound of Blues music. While dining outdoors you are surrounded by a lovely garden atmosphere. They have amazing food and are very kind to their customers. I hope you will go for an adventure and try their wonderful goods. Here are some foods we tried!

Vianne: I tried the grilled corn, tomato, and pesto pizza. $3.50 a slice. The other slice is smoked portabella and caramelized onion, which our friend Trish ordered.

Vianne's Review: B The corn was crispy & the pesto not too overpowering. The crust is soft, but I would have preferred a little crispiness.

Mariah: I had the Heirloom tomato sandwich with basil on a spelt roll. $7.00.

Mariah's Review: B The spelt roll was squishy/soft and very fresh, the tomatoes were juicy and tasted like they had just been plucked from the garden, and the basil was lovely and aromatic. The only thing that could have elevated this simple classic is a splash of balsamic vinegar.

We split a freshly squeezed Watermelon and Pineapple juice. At $8.00 a bottle {very pricey, but well worth it} it made a refreshing treat that was perfect to share.

Mariah's Review: A+ I was amazed at the freshness and fruitiness of this juice. It may very well be the best juice I have ever had! 

Vianne's Review: A I love this refreshing juice. The first sip I took felt like my taste buds were in a tropical wonderland! 

This is our desert plate. Vianne: I ordered the Peanut butter Brownie, Mariah: I ordered the Coconut Lime Tart and the Lemon Lime Cupcake with Lavender Frosting which I shared with our friend Trish. Jacques {Mariah's son} a.k.a the "Carnivore" ordered the Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Vianne's Review: A+ That brownie was totally the best desert I've ever tasted! You couldn't even tell it was vegan if you didn't know.

Mom's Reviews: A The coconut lime tart was tangy and sweet. The crust was crunchy and flaky and the filling was tart. The coconut shavings on top really added a good toasty flavor. The lemon lime cupcake was spectacular. Dense, moist, and packed with flavor and the sweet, light lavender frosting really set it off.

Side Note: These desserts don't contain any preservatives. They need to be kept refrigerated or eaten immediately. They melt pretty easily, so eat up!


The carnivore says: "This cookie is the food of the Gods. I would never have known it was vegan." Quite an endorsement coming from the carnivore cookie connoisseur.

We really enjoyed our visit to Wildflour, it became an instant favorite and plan to go back... a lot! We asked a helpful employee to tell us a little bit about Wildflour and we learned that they have been open for about a year and a half. They are owned by the same restaurateur that owns the Garden Grill next door {we'll be checking that our for sure}. The best selling items in the bakery are the chocolate chip cookies {apparently they have to bake these 3 times a day to keep up with demand}, the peanut butter brownie, and the smore's cupcake.



  1. That was a great review. You might even get me to eat something in that place if I was sure I wouldn't be banned from the Carnivore Club. Doug

  2. Doug, We can put you in the flexitarian category, that way you can enjoy the best of both worlds!