Friday, September 14, 2012

Random Friday Yum Yum #1

Welcome to the first installment of Random Friday! A yummy smorgasbord {proud we spelled that right without the help of spellcheck} of tasty vittles we've sampled all week. The theme of this post...wait for it...Eating Vegan on Vacation? ... Yes!
We recently spent a week in San Diego CA. You'd think there would be lots of obvious choices for entire restaurants devoted to vegan fare in health conscious Cali. Not so... or at least we couldn't find them. However, We were delighted to discover that with a little imagination and ever so slight menu-customizing you can totally pull off a veg-cation. Here are some of the great dishes we had while soaking up the sun.

Acai Breakfast Bowl {Mariah}

Dessert or breakfast? Dessert for breakfast! Frozen acai berry blend topped with granola, banana, and honey! A+ Going to try to make this one at home.

Naked Pizza 1 {Mariah}

We were intrigued by Naked Pizza, a brand new pizza chain with healthy aspirations, whose slogan is "start naked. no freaky chemicals." Their crust has 10 grains, prebiotic agave sweetener and probiotics. This is the superbiotic: artichoke, spinach, bell pepper, mushroom, garlic, red onion, and cilantro. Topped with dairy free  Daiya cheese. We're giving this pizza an A, and wish there was a Naked Pizza near us!

Naked Pizza 2 {Vianne}

Custom Pizza! Black beans & bell pepper. This pizza rocked my vegan world! A+

Veggie Fajitas {hold the cheese please}

Mexican food can usually be easily veganized. I subbed the re fried beans for a fresh corn salad and bi passed the sour cream and cheese. Delish! B

Yammy Veggie Burger {Mariah}

Super delish homemade veg burger made with yams and black beans. Hold the mayo, but add BBQ sauce, avocado, and cucumbers for extra veg-factor. So great to find a veg option at a burger joint! B+

Sweet Potato Fries {Vianne and Mariah}

Okay, so they aren't good for you but this is vacation! B+

Sweet Shave Ice {Vianne and Mariah}

Perfect treat on a hot afternoon. Root beer on the left, mango on the right. It's not ice cream but does the trick when everyone else is having a treat and you don't want to be left out of the frozen confection fun. Mariah: B-, Vianne: B

Hope you enjoyed the first Random Friday featuring our veg-cation treats. Now go out there and rustle up some veg-grub of your own and report back to us!

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